Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Apparently I'm not so good at catching...

I broke/sprained my finger last night playing netball. Not such a smart thing to do! It's very sore and and fat and a funny kinda blue colour which makes Kate feel sick everytime she looks at it. And the doctors aren't even sure if it's actually broken or sprained because there was a "shadow on the xray". Was very annoyed to spend 2 and a half hours and $50 on an xray that couldn't actually tell me anything and then they had to cut my ring off! The ring I'd worn since the first road trip I went on with my girls from school and just last Wednesday night I was teasing them that I was the only one that wore it anymore and now not even I do. Infact mine isn't even wearable anymore. And cutting the ring off hurt so much because my finger that didn't want to bend had to be bent.

But in good news I got back an essay today which I thought I had done really badly in. I'd left it to the last minute, I hadn't gone to the main tutorial for it and I'd started only a day or so before hand and then I got second in the class for it. Top mark was 71% and I got 70%. So that makes my day much better.

And on Friday I graduate at the Town Hall with my Diploma in Information and Communication Technology. It's gonna be so much fun. Nas is coming back down from Wellington for it and it's just going to be an awesome day. Also Lilly is graduating as well. It's so random that yet again a major event in our lives is at the same time. Will be a good day.

Better go, got work to do which I'm putting off.


ElizabethB said...

Yes, that finger looks bad, I agree!
Well done on the 70%, 2nd place, whatever would you have got if you had really tried kid!

You and Lily, it's amazing, hope it is a really special day, let's make it so. xx

andrew brown said...

sucks about your finger but congrats on the test and graduating :D

Nas said...

OMG your still here! I've decided to reinvent my blog since I have so much time to waste at work ( :