Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I haven't written cos I don't have much to say. Life is just tec, work, home. That's about it. Have been very good recently and been catching up with people who I haven't seen in ages. Still loads of people I need to see but at least I'm working through my list.

On Monday night I started playing indoor netball. I'm playing again tonight which should be interesting. I got into it through one of the security boys at work. It's kinda funny playing netball with some girls and then about 4 bouncers. They are much better then me though but it's still funny seeing big guys playing netball. My flatmate Moira played with us on Monday as well.

This is such a rubbish post. Can't believe how bad I am at writing at the moment. My exciting thing of the day is that after work finishes (at 2) I'm going to get some more colour put in my hair. Hope it works how I want it!

Ok enough blah blah blah


andrew brown said...

I haven't seen you in like 14 years, so your hair colour, what't it been and what's it going to?

Jo said...

Was brown, now brown with blonde bits and a tiny bit of red. not exciting at all.

ElizabethB said...

Is there anybody out there who remembers Jo's natural colour?????

Anonymous said...

but I bet it makes you look hotter than you already look!

amy said...

Nice to hear what's going on with Jo even if it is blah blah blah stuff ;)