Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This Moment

I knew it would come. I didn't think it would come until I met her but it seems to have come already.

In April next year Annie Rose will officially join our family and until a few minutes ago I wasn't overly excited. I knew it would be awesome but when she is still so far from joining us it hadn't quite hit me.

I've just spent a few minutes watching a montage of photos of a little girl called
Kyah Dale Milne which some of you will know of but others may not. I've been following her story for a few weeks and last week she died. Watching those photos was so sad, seeing her going from this gorgeous wee baby to a tiny wee girl playing in a hospital bed.

But what it made me realise is that Annie Rose might not be with us just yet but she will be and I guess I've remembered all the cool stuff I get to see her do as she grows up. Things like hearing her laugh for the first time, hearing her voice when she first starts talking, all that stuff.

I guess what was holding me back was that my niece Chrissy is 15 and she is the coolest person I know. She's become an adult now and I can have conversations with her and hang out with her and I'm just amazed at how cool she is. I'm almost embarrassed to hang out with her cos she's so beautiful and cool and amazing and I'm just me. I went and saw her in a play the other weekend and she was great and she has just got her nose pierced and it's just so exciting having her as a mate and not just as a niece or a little girl. And it seemed like it's so far away that I'll have this with Annie Rose. 15 years! But now I've remembered that it might be 15 years til I get that fun stuff that I have with Chrissy right now but there's also 15 years of fun stuff before that.

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