Thursday, September 10, 2009

The countdown is at zero!

Has anyone noticed the countdown that's on the sidebar of this blog? It's been counting down to when I leave for my trip. And I left this morning. And now I'm in Melbourne airport wasting time as my next flight isn't for another 5 hours (!!!) and I just noticed that my blog countdown has all zeros! I have been through so many different things today! This morning I was feeling awful: scared, tired, sore and for a while there I had visions of myself spewing on mum and dads carpet because I felt so bad. But survived that. Got to the airport and have managed the first flight. I slept most of it. Now I feel: excited, tired, sore, positive, proud. Proud because I have followed through with this trip and I had first said I'd do it about 2 years ago. Is it wrong to feel proud? Pride is almost always a negative thing. Not for me today. Today it is positive because feeling good about me and what I do is something I very rarely do!

More to come later.

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Deb said...

Good on you Joey, I hope you have a marvellous time. Lots of love the Robbos xxxx