Monday, September 07, 2009

3 nights to go!

So it's Monday. Tomorrow is my last day at MYOB. I got a new job last week which I am really excited about. Working for Acclipse (which is actually our competition). I will be a Training Consultant. That means I train the clients on how to use our software (accountant practice management software) and create the material. Also it means a payrise, new challenges, my own office and I'm based in town so lunch with the niece and nephew! (haha Denise and Denephew) I start Nov 4 after I get back from my trip.

Speaking of the Trip, I leave on Thursday! It's come up so fast but can't wait now. 8 weeks in Asia. BRING IT ON! Actually just looked and it's 7.5 weeks. Close enough!

Had such a busy weekend! But managed to see everyone I needed to see and do groceries, 3 loads of washing and get almost everything I need for my trip. Just got to pack and pick up a couple of last minute things like hairties and a toothbrush and I'm all ready. Well it's not quite that simple but close enough!

While I'm away I'm hoping to be updating this blog quite regularly. Although it will probably say very similar to what I send out in emails. And also am going to be keeping a journal of everything so I don't forget!!

3 weeks tomorrow til I see Tahu. I'm so excited.


Deb said...

So exciting! plus as a bonus when you start your new job I get a personal spy in town :)

Jo said...

Haha yes you do! Oh those children have no chance now do they :)