Friday, September 11, 2009

Delayed, delayed, delayed...but not Cancelled!

I've made it to Bangkok! It took me over 30 hours instead of 24 though because my flight from Melbourne to here was delayed from 1.55pm to us leaving more like 8pm! To be honest it wasn't a problem for me. I was aware that with all my flights I was going to get delayed and I got a free dinner, $50 voucher for my next booking and if I'd wanted it there was free tea, coffee and softdrinks on the flight. But actually I slept over 7 of the 9 hour flight. We got to Bangkok at 2am local time (that's 7am NZ time) and I got through customs without even getting asked to declare anything and then even managed to find a guy from my hotel to take me there. He was like you were meant to be here at 9pm, as if I needed that pointed out! My room is just what I needed. Clean, QUIET, so good.

I have to say though that not all the passengers on my flight were as happy to wait around as me! One guy had the airport police called on him and so he was not allowed to go on the flight. Other people had transfers that they will have missed but if you have travel insurance that's not really a problem (Note: never fly long haul without travel insurance!). Another guy was meant to be in London today for a wedding and so he won't be able to make it but well maybe he should have planned that a bit better!

Ok this isn't the most interesting of updates but never mind. I am SO STOKED to be here! I was prepared for a pretty bad night considering how long I would have travelled for and that I would be on my own and a few other things but actually being here was just amazing. Happy Jo! I recommend it to everyone!

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