Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How much can you fit into one day?

Here is my day yesterday:

Woke up (Handy!) then showered then folded the washing. After that I walked to work, worked usual 8 hours. After work I went to the mall - got groceries and other bits and bobs. Went home then went for run. Showered (again), had tea (which Tahu had kindly cooked for me). Then I sorted papers from kitchen drawer and drawer in my bedroom (over a years worth of bills and random bits of paper in both), put the washing away, sorted the bookshelves so they no longer have clothes on them, just books, tidied our room, put a load of washing on, went to bed, finished a book, started another one, went to sleep. All by 10.30pm.

And yes I know other people have lots they do in a day too but it felt like a pretty full on day to me!

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ElizabethB said...

Yep, full on day kid. :)