Friday, March 15, 2013

The Story of Knox's Birth

About to be induced! Spot the nerves!
At 36 weeks, while at a regular midwife visit, it was found that my blood pressure was high. As this is a sign of pre eclampsia I was sent for more tests right away and within a couple of days I was admitted to hospital. This was a shock to say the least, I wasn’t feeling sick, just tired and I thought I had a few more weeks to get used to the idea of having this baby! I had a growth scan which didn’t show anything unusual but was to set a baseline for another one if I was still pregnant 2 weeks later to see how he was going. From when I started having tests the discussion with drs every day was whether I would be induced or not or whether I would be sent home or not. Most of the time I hated this, it was quite stressful! But I did have fun on my last day of work when some ladies asked when I was due and I said “well I’m due in 4 weeks but I may have him today”. The shock I got was worth it! After a week in hospital I got to go home for 10 wonderful days of bed rest. Ok I had to either go to the hospital or someone came to me every day for tests but at least I could be at home! 

Being monitored. Again!
On Monday (24th Sept) morning I had my second growth scan. They found he'd lost all his fluid. He should have at least 4 cm but he had 0.7 cm (down from 10.6cm 2 weeks prior). My midwife said she’d never seen anyone with it that low. It was because the placenta had stopped producing the fluid. It was panic stations at the hospital and we were admitted that afternoon to be induced right away. 
They used a balloon catheter to try and get me into labour although I was already 1-2cm which was a good start. That night I found out Meredith had died the day before and so labour stopped immediately. I think it was probably Knox giving me a break so I could try and deal with that. I cried for ages. Tahu and I went for a walk in the dark outside. The midwives organised a private room for me and got a mattress so Tahu could stay (they'd said earlier that he wouldn't be able to). They were so kind. 

The next morning they tried 2 more ways to induce me (broke my non-existent waters and a stretch and sweep) but they didn't work so I was put on a drip of Synto to get it started which worked. Due to this we were monitored very closely and his heart rate wasn't great. Everyone one said we would most likely need a C-section and depending on how fast it went downhill I might have to be put under general and Tahu couldn't be in the room then. Just before 12 when the contractions were super painful my midwife said well we should have a baby by dinner time and I thought mate I can't do this for another 7-8 hours! And with it in the back of my mind about the C-section I asked for an epidural. If I had that then we could go straight to C-section and I wouldn't have to worry about a general and no Tahu. It was the best. It didn't hurt getting it (I figure if the needle hurts more than the contractions then you really didn't need one!) and it took away the pain but I could feel everything. The contractions kept getting stronger and I said there's a lot of pressure now so she checked and I was fully dilated at 2pm. There was also meconium meaning he was in distress. 

We waited an hour so he could move down a bit further and at 3 I started pushing. When it came to pushing his heart was so slow, about 80 beats per minute down from the 150ish it had been before. It sounded like 1 bpm! 

At 3.10pm the emergency button was pressed and about 6-8 people rushed in and they used a kiwi cup which is similar to a ventouse to turn him and then help him out as I pushed. It was pretty much one chance to push or we had to go to C-section. 
I really felt like we didn’t have time for that. He was out in 10 mins from when the button was pressed. He was put on me for a moment but because he started to cry they had to take him away so he didn’t get meconium in his lungs. He needed about 30 mins of work before he could be given to us. I honestly wasn't worried about Knox, I think I was just numb. I could see them working on him and Tahu kept going back and forth between us and showing me photos. Everyone kept saying how calm I was but I think as I said I was just numb. And I knew that everyone was doing things for him and looking after him and he’d come to me when he was ready. 

Skin on skin with mummy

Once they gave him to us everyone left and he started feeding right away like a natural. It was really special to be just the 3 of us for a wee bit. 

Skin on skin with daddy

They moved us up to the ward and then we texted everyone and after a bit my mum, dad and sister and her family came in to meet him. It was just amazing having him there. Those first few hours were so great. There was a beautiful sunset and we were so relaxed and happy.

Knox's first sunset was so beautiful. He spent it getting to know his daddy

So in summary, Knox's birth was just like an episode from One Born Every Minute and had basically all the things everyone hates these days but actually I thought it was great. I'd do it again in a second. And I figure with a difficult pregnancy and birth that he has to be an awesome baby and maybe even teenager! So far so good!

A special thank you has to go to our amazing midwife Bronwyn Carpenter. She cared for Knox and I so well and we couldn't have got through it without her. Her kindness, calmness and wisdom and the way she explained everything to us made our entry into Parenthood something we will treasure despite it's ups and downs. 

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Wonderful blog! Wonderful story to read. It was certainly a glorious thiing to have him at last and you are fantastic loving parents! 047