Tuesday, October 11, 2005


At last I have time to actually blog. It's been holidays and I have been wanting term to start again just so I have some time off!! I worked both weeks which, in hindsight, was not a good idea. But I did however get Friday off. And so I took Paul out on a surprise. Friday afternoons we both have off so we try to do something interesting instead of cleaning the house or whatever.

So this Friday I took him to Orana Park for lunch and just looking at animals. We left our house about 11.30am and I drove us out there and made him close his eyes for most of the trip however I did forget about the last sign on the way so he saw where we were going about a km before we got there. We had an awesome lunch in one of the picnic areas with ducklings, ducks and peacocks (and some small children) watching our every move. After that we went on the shuttle around the park and then went to the Lion enclosure. We had got tickets to go on the lion feeding which was the best part. We got to go on the back of the truck as they went into the enclosure and fed them. We got awesome photos and it was amazing to see the lions close up cos they are so big and beautiful! After that we went and got an icecream then saw the Rhinos being fed and then the Cheetah cubs being run.

It's hard to write how good the day was. It had been meant to rain but it stayed beautiful and sunny until we got home and Orana Park is such a cool place to go. It was so nice to just walk around and see the animals we won't see naturally in New Zealand. We ended up spending about 4 hours there. I feel very much like I'm writing for primary school about a class trip but it was so much fun it just had to be talked about. Was worth losing a day of work for! I will try and put some pictures up later when I'm at home.

I think that's about it. Holidays are over now...so good to be back in routine! I know that's not how it should be but working with kids for 2 weeks is very tiring and so far removed from normal work. Don't ever let anyone say being a mum is easier than working in a job!!!! Give me an office job any day over holiday programs!!

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andrew brown said...

good to hear you had a great time at orana park, i haven't been there for years. is paul not from chch?

i helped look after a young child for half an afternoon and i wasn't really even helping, i was just watching and that was hard enough. im not gonna be having kids for AGES. no way i could handle a youth programme, lots of respect to ya, and good to see a new blog too :)