Monday, October 17, 2005

18 minutes to go

In 18 minutes I have a programming exam. I am a little nervous about it but also not in the fact that I can get most of it to work and I can't worry about it till I can actually see the programs I have to write as part of the exam. (If anyone is actually interested it is the C language I am learning in this class)

I feel odd. I have done so many good things in the last few days but I still feel like I haven't done enough. Saturday I spent time with my sister and her family which was so good. Just can't get enough time to spend with them but I am working on it!! Yesterday I went to Mum's BBQ and did 4 loads of washing and got it all dry on the line for free (we usually go to the laundrymat to dry our washing, much faster you see). Well not all of it, 2 of Pauls tshirts weren't quite dry but close enough! Also I finally got stuff from Mum and Dads I had been meaning to get for ages, we got groceries, I spent time with Ary (down from Wellington and managed to find me!) and studied for the exam. Today I did most of a graphics assignment and did more study for 1pm exam (will study for 3pm exam resit when it comes) and I have even managed to write a post for my blog. But yet I just want a day off to do more stuff. Fix my room, do more cooking/baking, finish assignments, earn money, pay bills, the list goes on. (13 mins to go).

I better go do more study. Anyone care to comment on Howard Morrison vs Rosita?


andrew brown said...

not that i say i share his feelings, but why is someone so harshly critised in this country when he/she speaks his/her mind about something? why is it so horrible to call fat people fat?

he was simply stating fact anyway, how many fat pop singers, especially female ones, are out there right now? i can't think of a single modern one, and don't get me wrong, i don't necessarily think it's ok to only have skinny chicks out there, but he's just stating honest fact that she'll find out anyway. and anyway he wasn't insulting something about her that she can't help or was born with, he was assaulting her size, it's not like it's something they can't help. not that i have a problem with it, but it's just political correctness crap. what is so wrong with offending someone?

andrew brown said...

oh, and i really hope you did well on your exam :)

Sharyn said...

Andrew, you are an ass. Political correctness gets a bum rap these days, but I think the old term for it was 'respect'. It is disrespectful to insult someone on television, unless they specifically put themselves up for it. For example, if you go on NZ Idol, you expect to be critiqued about your singing, your dancing, your fashion whatever. You do not expect to be critisised for something completely unconnected to your performance. Body size has absolutely nothing to do with anybody else, it has absolutely no meaning unless it is given meaning. I tell you what is wrong with offending someone - try this on for size: 'do unto others that which you would have them do unto you' or perhaps 'love others as you love yourself' or maybe even 'that which you have done to the least of these bretheren you have done to me'. I could go on, but I appreciate it is likely to be wasted on you.

Anonymous said...

You tell him sharyn!!!

andrew brown said...

why does what i say make me an ass? why do you think it would be wasted on me? a lot of people don't even know what happened in the interview or what he even said. someone asked him who he thought would win and he said he thought the guy would, they asked why he thought the girl wouldn't, and he said that for a pop star she was too overweight. now wether or not that is insulting has to do more about the ear of the beholder. she said she didn't even care, it was everybody around her and the media that made such a big deal about it.

what is it about somebodies size that makes it offensive to ackowledge it? if i was to describe someone and i say they are tall is that wrong? if i say they are black is that wrong? if i say they are fat it is? he was SIMPLE STAING FACT. im NOT saying i agree with him, it doesn't bother me what her size is. you say it has nothing to do with nz idol, nz idol is a search for a pop star, not just a good voice. if someone out there thinks that looks has nothing to do with being a pop star then they need their head examined. is that morally right? HELL NO. people in bands look ugly but they sell cd's. does the public really care if a singer is fat? by tonights voting clearly not, but all that is irrelevant because it's record labels that sign artists and they are the ones who put cd's out. the public eats what the labels put on their plates, it's a simple, immoral game, but the public clearly plays. morrison said he thought she was too overweight to be a pop star. under every other circumstance he is 100% correct, but why is it so insulting? why is weight SUCH a major issue. i don't really care too much about weight. sure i understand that obesity is extremely unhealthy, but thats about the extent of my caring. if my friends are fat i don't care.

i never commented on how i thought of her, just that i think it's silly everybody gets so up in arms about someone elses opinion. i don't see how that makes me an ass. in matthew 23 jesus pretty much speaks his mind against all the pharisees. i know it's not the same situation, but i bet they were extremely offended.

why is it offensive to simply speak the truth?

i get the feeling from your post you maybe don't really know what im like sharyn. and if it makes you feel any better, my wife agrees with you.

Sharyn said...

well, I'm glad your wife is not a moron. Only a moron would say that to say someone is fat is just a statement of fact. Clearly, being called fat is not just a statement of fact, since Morrison thought that it would prevent her from winning, and now everyone (including us) is talking about it. It is not the same to say someone is tall. Tall does not have all the conotations that fat does. Tall is not a negative. Fat is a negative. Unless you were brought up a hermit, I imagine you are aware of. Furthermore, Jesus in the context that you were refering to, was not refering to a physical characteristic, but a spiritual attitude, and that is quite a different matter. If Morrison had said, you have a bad attitude towards music, or perhaps, you are the wrong attitude towards political correctness, that is not comparable. Furthermore, Jesus didn't say it to the media now did he, he said it to the person concerned. Finally, the truth about whether she is fat or not remains to be seen. What makes a person fat, what degree of size do they have to attain before being labeled fat, and how fat before it warrents someone to comment on it, or before it potentially excludes you from particiapting in your chosen field. I do not know what you are like, I was simply responding to what you said. PS I think we both need to get off the internet, and find ourselves a life. Oh and you argued yourself out of the fact that looks have something to do with whether someone can be a pop star, so I'll leave that one alone.

andrew brown said...

im not going to argue too much, as we clearly disagree and aren't going to agree. yes fat has negative connotations, but it's just a desription. i'll give it to you that it's offensive (to some people), but i still disgaree with everybody caring so much about what someone else said it's just an opinion.

what i said about looks having to do with it, i meant: the public doesn't care but the record labels/people who make music videos do. for nz idol it doesn't matter, but every single other pop singer has to make it a different way. so for every other pop singer YES it has everything to do with it.

im going to go to bed now. i hope one day maybe you can get to know me sharyn as i'm actually a rather decent guy despite all you may have heard about me :)

andrew brown said...
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