Thursday, October 13, 2005

Crazy Lady

(I'm not sure if the title is relating to me or the lady on Campbell Live last night.)

So this lady writes into Campbell Live saying about how NZ gave $2million to America but only $750,000 to Pakistan. "Wake up and smell the racism" she says. Now I can see why she's getting upset. It's much easier and more interesting to go "oh that's racist" then go "glad we're giving such large amounts of money!" than to think about why the government would do that when we're all gonna know about it. So the obvious thing is to look at the exchange rates isn't it?? According to Westpacs Currency Calculator at the moment:

NZ$2million = US$1,382,800
NZ$750,000 = Pakistan Rupee30,565,875.

Yes that's right, over 30 million of their "dollars". Not so stingy now is it! Get a life lady!! be happy that we're actually giving money and not just sitting there going "oh that's sad".

Moving right along, I had a random and very clear dream last night. Andrew and Mark Wilson were there, it was Jeffs birthday but I don't know where he was. Anyways the main thing I remember was that Dave Bates had had a baby but not with Adelle but he was still marrying Adelle and she had physically had the baby (that's confusing I know, dreams!!!). So we were at the party and I went and talked to Adelle who was holding the baby (girl but don't know name) and the baby wanted to come to me so I held her and all I remember is holding her for the whole party and she just slept in my arms and wanted to be with me. Random eh. And I know completely uninteresting to everyone but thought it was funny that I dreamt about all those people from youthgroup. Oh and at the end when I gave the wee girl back to Adelle I was like you are doing an amazing job raising her, she will be perfect, hard to explain, I just knew she was going to raise the girl amazingly. Random!

Enough, I have to study, I have a large programming exam on Monday.
Better go study, got a large programming exam on Monday


Rayd said...

firsly, i like your dream, no idea what it means if it means anything but it sounds interesting. It also reminds me of Jeff and ive started to realise how someone like him with such a huge influence in my life, someone who helped me reshape my life to what it is now, is so easy to toss at the back of my mind. I hardly ever think "oh i wonder what Jeff's doing now, i wonder how he is" unless someone brings it up. And that makes me quite sad because i don't want to forget people that are important to me.
Secondly, i think the point of the lady's comment is not about how much money was given relatively as such but in reality how many people gave it because they really cared (or how NZ gave it based on what they thought they would get in return). Its all about the thought that goes into it, and if someone can give $5 to America but only $3 to Pakistan then regardless of how much it turns out to be in that country they are favouring America more. Should it be that we favour 1st world countries because they might remember us and say "oh when we were in need NZ helped us" but forget so much about the 3rd world countries because we know they will never be able to repay us or help us in our time of need?
i'm not saying it is racist. It's not, but it is, or seems to me, that New Zealand would give more money to America because we want America on our goodside as to open our relations further

Anonymous said...

Hey jo, u have very weird dreams about even weirder people!!

amy said...

that is one CRAZY dream!!!

I have crazy dreams all the time... maybe not quite the same storyline as you... but very random.

It's weird when you remember them so strongly; it felt real, but you know there's no way it could happen.

andrew brown said...

once i had a dream that Ben Affleck tried to um... sexuall assault me... i'd prefer to forget it but i can't.

Sharyn said...

Perhaps we might more usefully ask, why were we giving money to one of the richest nations in the world? Or why the Pakistan rupee is worth so little, why has it been so devalued? Or how much one rupee might by compared to one American dollar? It is unfortunately not enough to be grateful we give some money, the money is neither enough, nor well spent.

Adelle said...

Hey jo,
Nice dream Very random maybe God wants us to meet oneday I know very random.:)