Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I dedicate this one to my Mum!

Ah the contriversy that is my blog! Didn't mean to start WW3 with my Howard Morrison comment request but never mind!

And mum: I am very sorry for my last post. I will not steal your jokes anymore. I much appreciate you emailing them to me. For all those confused readers: the pope joke was sent to me from mum.

My exam went fine, managed to get through it, 90% sure I passed because I got the program to work! And the upside is a pass is only 70% in this exam rather than the normal 80%. Trust me that 10% feels like a whole lot!! The exam after it was horrible and I refuse to talk about it until I get results.

Can't be bothered writing anything else. Ciao!


andrew brown said...

good to see so many blogs! it's a wee rush to see every new one

ElizabethB said...

Forgiven! I didn't think of blogging it so the Pope would never have had a chance if it was left to me ~ and Camilla!