Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday Night Drama!

My flatmate Heather and I both got home within 5 mins of each other last night and neither of us noticed anything wrong outside. About 10 mins later when I was going to bed I realised I'd left my phone in my car which I never do so I went to get it and while I was out there I could smell smoke really badly so I got Heather and we looked around and found one of the dumpsters was on fire! Had to call the fire brigade and the caretaker and let the fireman in and all that. By the time they got there the fire was melting through the plastic it was that full on. If we had been another 10 mins in finding it they said it would have set the fence on fire and then who knows what would have happened! It took them a few minutes to put it out with their full on fire hoses so it wasn't just a small fire. Don't know yet whether it was lit or whether it was oil or something in the bin that had self combusted (that's their words by the way, I'm not just making it up!)

I do feel like someone was watching over us last night because I never leave my phone in the car and there was no other reason for me to have gone out there and no one else from the apartments came out even when the fire brigade were there.

If only that someone had made me realise I had left my phone in the car BEFORE I put my pj pants on.


Deb said...

LOL! great story. bet the fireman loved you in your pjs xxx

One Girl said...

You need to do some more posts!
lol have fun on your trip!