Friday, May 20, 2005

Good things so far about flatting

1. My flatmates are lovely. I can talk to them and they can talk to me. They don't mind that I'm "religious" and they let me moan when I'm sick. Also they're gutted when I can't go do something with them.

2. I can eat if and when I want. (I do miss your cooking mum) but it's also fun to cook for myself. Made the worlds BEST indian the other night. Chicken and Pumpkin Masala. Was so good I even had the left overs for lunch the next day.

3. Wednesday night is pizza night - Pizza Hut 2 slabs for $10.

4. My neighbours. Ok one imparticular. He goes to tec as well but he's a rec student so me and Kate immediately get cool status. Think 3rd form at school and a 7th former talks to you. He asked me this morning "how's life on the other side of the fence". Got to love thy neighbours!!!

5. We have a grandstand. If you don't know what I mean think a row of couches with a row behind of desks and then couches on top of those desks. Can't visualise it? Just know that it's cool.

6. Every night is like going to a party. There's 8-10 of us most nights and trust me this isn't a bad thing.

7. Watching Home and Away with the boys. Yes the boys. They like it more then us girls!

8. Dereks brownies....think hot perfect chocolate cake with m&ms. Trust me it's heaven!!!

9. Getting my nails done for free by an award winning nail technician. Yes that's right. (Raewyn won Nail Technician of the Year last night. Very exciting.)

I think that's enough for be continued I'm sure!


Elizabeth said...

Hey Jaaaaaames, Jo's eating undisguised leftovers! It's true, she wrote it with her own hands! :-)

Karen said...

Oh, my goodness you sound like you are having heaps of fun flatting - makes me think I would like to move in. Have you got room for a 31 yr old mum of 3 - without the kids of course.

amy said...

Great you having fun Jo! Must be cool living with so many people! I've only experienced "3" & "2" people's - maybe one day I can experience a larger number!

Jo said...

Hey Karen,

You can sleep in our grandstand in exchange for cleaning if you like?

Jo said...

Amz I definately recommend the big flat. If you want to be alone no one minds and if you want to talk to someone there's always someone around.

Lynne said...

We need a grandstand.
High ceilings mean that the toastiest bit of the house is at reaching up on tippy-toes height. I've often thought a mezzanine sofa wld be good, but then a grandstand would wk too

Simon said...

Hey Jo I'm bustin in on your bloggy hope you don't mind! Can you imagine that in all my web browsing I never-ever read about my own flat!! But what could be better eh? So anyway, theres been such a procession of people through the flat in the last year and a bit, I don't know how many even, but lotsa. And against odds they've been 99% groovy, but I think right now we've easy got the best combo we've had (well maybe not for cleanliness =:p - looking at.... well, me). But yup it shure is awesome. Wish I was around more, I've lost track of who's dead on home&away, but this weekend I shall be, and you can update me :)