Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have a dream...

Actually I had a dream. A while ago. But I'll go into that soon.

My delay at blogging has not been because I am not doing it. It's cos I'm very busy and important (Sharyn!!!). No honestly I am. Yesterday day I completed not 1, not 2 but 3 (!!!) assignments. Such a good feeling. Part of doing that also meant I finished a class. No more IG600 for Jo! Didn't I do well!!! (Thanks Bruce Forsythe for that very appropriate saying).

So this dream. It was really funny and yet painfully sad at the same time. For days afterwards I cried. Cried when I thought about it. Cried when I tried to explain it to mum. I'm such a girl sometimes!

The Funny Part: Heaven is a shopping mall. Yip no gold paths, no angels in big dress playing harps. It's a shopping mall. With a hairdressers and crappy elevator music playing.

The Sad Side: I was going there and had to say goodbye to everyone.

So in this dream I find out that I have 5 minutes before I die. Not die but leave this earth and go to heaven. Before that 5 minutes start I can go to this place and see what it's like. And Lilly can come with me to see it. So we walk through these sliding doors and it's a mall. A shopping mall. And it's not too cold or too hot so we decide it's heaven and not hell. Good news is I'm going to heaven and it's a shopping mall.

But then I have to leave and come back and say goodbye. All I know is I have to ring Mum & Dad and Jared. I figure Mum & Dad can say my goodbyes for me and I have to ring Jared to explain it to him so he'll understand why I'm leaving/dying. And Lil. I have to say goodbye to her. And I'm happy that she's there cos there's no one else I want to spend my last 5 minutes with.

We're walking along (and this is the part that makes me cry) and the only thing I can say to her is "I am so honored that you chose to be my friend in this life". Even now I can feel how deeply I felt that it is such an honor that she picked me to be her best friend. That she chose me to spend the first 21 years with.

I'm not sure if I've got my point across. It's hard to write how vivid that dream was.


Simona said...

hey joesephine...(don't worry readers she has not been hiding her real name).

That is a SAD dream, it made me sad reading it! But a good dream too. Good and sad don't go together often. You and Lilly are great. Not many people have a friendship like that, lasting so long, so loyal. It goes both ways!

keep blogging. That guy has a very interesting way of not trying to offend people but I guess ya just have to take everything with a grain of salt. Its the story of my work life. Anyway, I need a new blog Jo...come on keep me sane (and procrastinating). p.s. have you noticed a distinct lack of commenting on nearly all blogs these last few days...did ya see patty on mine?? haha

David said...

What a great posting! Very cool dream. Heaven as a of many doors. Metaphysical- love it! The blessing- to get a "sneak preview", say good-byes, have a loved one to walk with you and to be there in the moment. I was clinicaly dead many years ago- didn't see a thing (hmmm, maybe I was going to hell)... when the real time is, I pray that its as kind and caring as your dream! Dreams are a wonderful introspection of the person's life and growth- you are doing very well!

Jo said...

Hey si,

I have noticed that lack of blogging on your part!! What's with that? Write something dezdimona!!