Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mum and Dad

I still don't know if I will write about yesterday so while I think about it I will write about why I wouldn't want anyone else to be my Mum and Dad (in no particular order).

1. When the civil union bill came out you let me talk about how I felt about it and you restored my faith in christians by agreeing with me.

2. When it comes to boys you let me choose and you support me and believe in me.

3. You like my piercings. Is like too strong? You support my choice to have them.

4. You like how I dress. Is like too strong again? When I wear 3/4s and heels you think I look lovely even though it's very fashionable and parents aren't meant to like the latest fashions!

5. When we talked about abortion recently I nearly cried because of how wonderful you were to listen to me and again support my views. It was amazing to me that you said you would support me no matter what choices I make in life. Especially in this area where I honestly believe if I had one I would lose 95% of my friends. That you would still be there and love me and even understand it is more than I can believe.

6. Mum: Yesterday when I rang you crying you listened to me for so long and that you wanted me to come home for the night.

7. You read my blogs and comment on them.

8. Dad: You offer to send out Tony Soprano for me.

9. You are supportive of me in my choice to not always attend church. You let me make the choice to have and to work on my internal faith instead of trying to get me to have an external faith.

10. Dad: You steal my cds because you like listening to them (not because you don't want me to play them anymore!!)

There's so much more but I think that will do for now. Don't let it go to your heads mum and dad. Just thought I should say why you are so cool.


Karen said...

Wow, that bought some tears to my eyes. I hope and pray that when my kids are your age Jo they will have as much respect for me as you do for your parents. Good on you Elizabeth and James. I remember my Mum telling me when I was about 14 that if the worst happened and I ever fell pregnant before the ideal time that they would be willing to raise my baby as their own if I wanted them to. I remember that not changing the high standards that had for me but letting me know that they loved me and that no matter what happened I could tell them about it and it would be okay. Keeping the communication channels open is so important and is exactly what has happened in your family Jo. Love and prayers to you

DARLing said...

SO glad that u have such a sweet mum

A blogger from Singapore that happens to stumble in

Elizabeth said...

Yep, James, we knew we got the best bunch of kids!
Thanx so much Joey!

James said...

That is cool Jo. Tony has a special at the moment - Concrete sox fits all sizes.

Lynne said...

Jo .... thinking of you. Concerned about you.
Wanting to take you out for coffee
(and that was before S caught me up on events from the other night)

Have you a moment for coffee?
Let me know...

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynne
It will be "no" to coffee ~ try enticing her with hot chocolate!