Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Rainy Mondays

It's monday. I am sick. Missed class this morning cos I thought sleeping was more important. I did however wake up at 5am and didn't get back to sleep till 6.30am. Not a complete waste of time. I watched a gardening program and learnt all about the 4 ways of growing grass. hmmm...my life is too exciting. oh and I watched the news and attempted to watch Benny Hinn. Attempted. He's too much for me at 5.30am!!

Can I just say I love my flatmates? they're so lovely too me. They think I'm awesome too... Just give them time! They'll soon learn the truth! Some quotes from them:

"I can tell you anything cos you're so honest"
"It's not a party without you"
"You're the bomb"

Better do some class work...


amy said...

ohh you still sick aye. Not good. Hope you slept well. Sleep is always good when sick.

Ohh dont you just have lovely flatm8's... yeah just give them time! he he.

So who does the cooking?

Elizabeth said...

That should give you at least one rent free week and then you could buy some Vit C!
Get better soon chicken xx

Andrew said...

Sick? Or got Monday-Itis?

James said...

Missing Dad to keep an eye on ewe!