Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Have a little faith

I was asked on the weekend if I have ever questioned my faith. Was such a good question. My answer was no. My faith is something I have even when stuff is bad. It's a good times and bad times faith cos otherwise it's just something I do for fun or I use when I can't handle life.

Even though I could answer the question straight away I've thought about it since then. It's weird that this question is actually an answer to what I've been thinking about all year. This year my faith has changed considerably. It's no longer a totally outward thing. It's something I want to do on my own. It's no longer about going to church regularly so that people think I'm still a christian. It's not about staying with the rules and standards I've been bought up with. It's about making the choice to keep on believing even when I don't feel like it and I often feel like it's not the cool thing to do.

I guess this year is my time when I decide what to do with the faith my parents have brought me up in. Do I want to keep it or do I want to leave it behind and let it be something I did when I was young. And if I keep it how do I use it? Do I stay how it is or do I go with what I feel is the right way for me?

As I answered the question it is not an option for me to forget it. I can't and won't deny something that makes me who I am. But I will let it change for me. I think it's like music: it changes from generation to generation but yet the basics are the same. Neither is better than the other, they're just different interpretations.


Katiepie said...

wow thats impressive for someone so young to be able to say that and still be true to yourself, im happy for you Jo and i do believe that you'll do whatever makes you happy :)

snapps to Jo ;)

andrew brown said...

well i can't say at all that my parents idea of faith was no better or worse as my parents brought me up with no faith so what i have gained through my life is clearly better but i've also seen people completely lose what they have had because they thought they had known better than what they had been brought up with

i'd be interested to hear what you define your "faith" as (i don't mean that to sound mean or whatever if it does)

i'm very tempted to start a new blog under the same name (INTERNET TECHNOLODOGY ALLOWS ME TO DO THIS) and have it more focused on things that matter as opposed to my awesome one i currently have which is about nothing but is hilarious (it is check it out - shameless plug)

Jo said...

I'll have to have a think about how I define my faith. Will get back to you.

Simona said...

This was such an awesome post Jo. It is (in my meagre opinion) a massive sign of maturity in your faith when you don't have to question it because it is so much of a reality to you. And it is not really about other Christians thinking you are still a Christian or anything like that, if anything it is non-Christians that need to see both the similarities and the differences. And I think that the similarities are just as important. I find church important not as an outward thing really but because it gives me some kind of community and because of the things God sometimes does there. I think it is great to see someone taking the faith which they have been given or shown and turning it into their own. Its like Jo flavored icecream...its still ice-cream but there is nothing wrong with a bit of a shake up eh!

Elizabeth said...

You are a winner kid! I do not doubt you. You are even now fulfilling your potential! Go for it!