Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Second Attempt

I wrote this big blog or most of a blog about my trip to Dunedin on the weekend but it just wasn't doing it for me. It was so funny being there but when I try to explain it it feels like maybe you just had to be there, mind you, it's gonna be a great roundabout! (That's an example of just having to be there ok?)

And so I'll finish something I started a while back. When I talked about faith Andrew (I think it was Andrew) asked me to define or explain my faith. And the simple answer is that I can't. Because if I can explain it it's not faith in more. It's a proven fact. Faith to me is believing in something I can't prove but I just believe it is there. Example from a conversation I had this morning - some of you will recognise it from good old DCTalk - my faith in God is like the wind. I know the wind is there, I feel it and I see the effects of it but I can't actually see it.

There is something I will right about from the weekend and that was a car crash that me and Paul saw. Well heard is more accurate. We heard this crash and were like wonder what that was and then we saw people running so we went to the bridge and there was a car upside down in the water with someone inside. Was the strangest feeling watching these big men (roadworkers that had been across the road) in the river trying to open the door of the car and hearing their voices getting more and more panicked as they realised they couldn't get the door open and the guy inside wasn't moving. They did get him out and he was ok but for those few moments I couldn't handle the idea that I could be watching someones life ending. It was so intense and I was quiet for the rest of the day. Just shocked I guess. Lets not do that again!

Lastly has anyone else noticed that I only wrote once about flatting and yet this is called "Diary of a New Flatter"?


Nas said...

Hun that must have been so crazy to witness! guess it puts stuff into perspective ah. and about the flatting, that was what i was aiming for to, yet i haven't written anything about my new flat, lol.

andrew brown said...

maybe you should change the title of your blog to "writings of a crazed tech girl" or something less bad than that, because that would be a bad title.

now, the actual text of my question was "i'd be interested to hear what you define your "faith" as" but i guess maybe i wasn't clear, i guess what i really wanted to know, was, "what do you believe in? in your original post, you discuss your faith as something that you could attain from your parents, and discussed wether or not you wanted to keep it, so in that sense, what was it you decided (assuming you dod) to keep, and what to change? i don't doubt at all that you do have faith in something, or how you have it, but what it is in, what do you put your faith in, and what do you believe?

Elizabeth said...

"Ah," she said wisely, "but look how much thinking you have done!" From that we benefit.