Friday, June 10, 2005

When thoughts collide...

I had wondered what would happen in the next step of blogging and I think I have found it. Having more than one blog. Andrew has it. Now Sharyn and Iain. I briefly considered getting myself a second one and putting lyrics I like on it but then I thought again because the first song I would put on would be Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls (sing with me Paul and Kate..."don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me....").

Now I've never been a big fan of using the Favourites option in Internet Explorer but here at tec I have no option but to. Currently I have 16 blogs I read. There is just no way I could remember all those URLs! (oh no! using geeky tec terms!!). 16 blogs! That's quite a lot. That's 14 people I know that write on the internet. Actually there's more but I haven't added them all. It's handy having all these things to read though cos with the work I do (work...I use that term loosely) I spend a lot of time on the Internet.

Blog flavour of the week appears to be Cults, Male vs Female and Purau. Didn't go to Purau this time so have nothing really to say about that. Male vs Female: I don't think we're equals in everything. We are equals in how we should be treated but I accept that there's things they can do that I can't. Like fix cars and remember insane amounts of rugby and cricket facts (with the exception of Lilly who I like to call My Fountain Of Rugby Knowledge).

Cults: Until I was 9 my family was in one (I'm sure most of you know this by now from reading other blogs). I don't talk about it much. I'm not even sure if many of my friends know. There's one major difference between me and the rest of my family and that is that I don't remember anything bad from it. To me my childhood was normal and fun. I see the effects that this church had on my family but I don't feel them. I am well aware that if we had stayed in that environment I would be the opposite of who I am today but we didn't stay. Mum and Dad left. So I guess I shouldn't really be commenting on them if I don't have anything really to say about it but too bad. Maybe my point (if I actually have one) is that even though it was bad for so many people lots of good stuff came out of it too. Maybe it's the whole Beauty for Ashes thing. If you don't have the bad stuff you can't know how good the good stuff really is.

And sometimes I feel like people want me to feel pain from it but I can't. To me it's something that happened and it's shaped who I am and so I can't take it back or regret it. And I don't see the point in taking on pain that I don't feel.

Last subject change of the day: Murpheys Law for Friday - No matter how often you have a hair tie with you the day you really want it, it won't be on your wrist anymore!


Lynne said...

On childhood: I think when people have a "different" childhood, others wonder how it was for them. S gets asked how being a MK was, and it's like, "well, how was your childhood?". It is a subjective something that shapes, yet it is all that is known to him/to you. Where there is trauma there is more likely to be ongoing effect, but most of it is probably subterannian shaping rather than causal activity.
(hmmm is that making any sense?)

At the same time people can blame all manner of things on their childhood... but that is another story ... (and sometimes the blame is valid, other times an excuse, and either way needs to be worked through)

andrew brown said...

I had no idea about the cult until I read something uin sharyns and then I thought "hand on, I have no idea about this one" but oh well.

The reason I got onto two blogs is because when I first made mine I thought "i don't want to have anything too serious, maybe make it funny, maybe have a cult (no pun intended seriously) following on the internet" but then I was reading something someone wrote and I decided that I needed to share the way I feel about certain things so I created my second one! If you wanna check out some theological discussion head over to

But Jo, I don't quite get your reason for not wanting to do a second one, just because you might have NWS lyrics (look up NWS everybody), just call it or something ;)

Iain said...

>Male vs Female: I don't think we're equals in everything. We are equals in how we should be treated but I accept that there's things they can do that I can't.

Nice way of putting it.

The way I see it, we're equal in value, but not identical.

I mean, heck, have you ever seen a male have a baby? ;)