Monday, July 27, 2009

I Believe...

...that one day I will have a job I love
...that I won't always struggle when it comes to money
...that life isn't just black and white
...that showers, sleep, good friends and family are good for my soul
....that Tahu is my favourite
...that I will get through my trip and that even though I feel like I've bitten off more then I can chew that I can do it
...that God is my provider
...that you can speak things into someones life even if they can't hear you so you should be careful what you say about others and your self
...that I won't always be fat
...that even though I know it looks awful that I have bad skin it would look worse if I tried to cover it with makeup

I believe lots of things. Some things I have no idea what I believe and so I keep away from those subjects but other things I feel strongly about. I'm not sure I have many readers but if you read this and think of something that you feel strongly about please make a comment of it. Would love to know what others think.


Snot Head said...

I believe we should stop referring to ourselves as fat. I believe God is close by even when we feel so distant. I believe that happiness is in the simplest moments...the morning cup, the mother's smile, the warm hug, a simple wave to someone you don't even know. I belive being young and naive has its perks. I believe that in time, I will find peace in all the struggle. I believe I am not in control and that everything happens for a specific reason.

Fiona said...

sweetheart - you are not FAT!!!!
i am a big woman - always have been, always will be - you can either learn to embrace it, diet or spend your whole life feeling racked with guilt because of your own self loathing. Me - im sick of the last two so im onto the first one... life's too short...
lov ya, Fi xx

Karen said...

I believe that you can always have a second chance.
I believe that we are loved no matter what
I believe that you can be at peace even when you are not happy.
I believe that God will always stay with us even when others don't
I believe that I can be what I want to be ONE Day