Friday, July 03, 2009


So at lunch yesterday I went and sat in the park across the street cos it was 22 degrees and sunny and I needed to get out of the office. And this girl came up to me and said "do you have 30 seconds to sign a petition" and I said no cos I only had a few minutes left and just wasn’t in the mood to save the world and I know she’s lying when she says 30 seconds! She goes ok and then are you from NZ or just wearing an NZ tshirt? Which I felt was a dumb question because the tshirt says NZ is Home and really who else would wear that but someone from NZ but said yeah from NZ and she goes oh where from? And I said Christchurch. She goes oh I HATED Christchurch! What was I supposed to say to that? I wanted to go are you serious? but instead I went oh well. And then she walked off. But seriously. Was that not ridiculously rude or what???

I feel at this point I should say that the petition was for stopping violence against women. Ironic I felt. I just wanted to hit her. I should have and then signed the petition. That would have been confusing for her!


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Snot Head said...

I honestly believe that she would have said she hated any town you would have said. She was mad because you didn't give her all your attention and it seems she was trying to get under your skin. Its really too bad you didn't hit here and then yank the petition out of her hand to sign it...and then maybe hit her with the clip board I'm imagining she had. haha

Sounds like a nice way to start off the day... a little perturbance (yeah, I'm pretty sure I just created that word from perturbed...and I don't even know if I spelled it correctly. HA!) Anyway, a little perturbance can work just as well as a steamy cup of coffee...wakes you right up. ;o)