Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thoughts from Brisbane

So in case you don't know, I'm now based in Brisbane for the next 6 weeks. I arrived here very early on Sunday morning. I got a transfer so I can do my work out of the Brisbane office and it means I can live with Tahu and also visit cousins and friends who I otherwise wouldn't see! I work NZ hours here so start at 6.30am but get to finish at 3pm and it actually works really well for me. Think I'm more of a morning person. Also Tahu works very similar hours so our routines are the same.

It's really nice here. About 15 degrees warmer every day. It's still a novelty catching a train home from work and we live with a cat and it's just so nice seeing Tahu every day. These are just little things that make this all a lot more fun then last time!

I do miss my family and friends. Have spent a bit of time with Deb and the kids recently and it's so good. I find that I can handle life a bit better if I spend time with my family. Not just the kids but with Uncle Jack and Aunty Pat, Mum and Dad and Shaz too. I obviously can't hang out with Jem but email and texting makes that easier.

10 weeks tomorrow til I got to Asia. A bit nervous now! Well mostly nervous about getting enough money for it but I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing and so the money will happen.

Also still loving cross stitch. Working on the baches one that I had posted a picture of. Probably half way through now. Will put up some pics when I'm back in Christchurch of the ones I've completed cos I left them there.

Ok better go. Work to do!

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