Monday, July 13, 2009

Transport - Lesson One

My sister Deb recently set up a blog for my nephew Reuben. He needs different ways of learning and this is one way they are trying. This has got me thinking a lot about how I could help with this and the things I could teach him that would be interesting from my life. I'm living in Brisbane at the moment and he hasn't been here before so it's not something he can visualise. The main thing I think about is that every day I take so many different forms of transport. So here's my first attempt at a "lesson" for Reuben. It's probably not very good but if nothing else, it's a least interesting to me!!

Different forms of transport I take:

First off, to get here I had to get on a plane. It took 3 hours and 50 minutes and I had to catch it at 7am!! I arrived at only 8.50am though because of the time differences (but that's a whole nother lesson!). I will have to get on one to come back too but this time I will catch it after work and so arrive at about 11.45pm! Oh for some normal timed flights!

When I go to work I catch a bus. This takes an hour and isn't very interesting! Cos it's so early and dark I often have to jump out on the road to make them stop for me!:

When I get here I have to get on an elevator to take me up to my office because I work on the 16th floor. Because this building is so tall there are 2 lots of elevators. The first lot stops at floors 1-12 and the second lot, which I get on, goes to floors 13-27 (I think that's how high it goes):

After work I catch a train. This also takes about an hour and I have to go through some underground tunnels to get on this train. It takes me all the way out to a place called Cleveland and I get off at the end of the line:

Some days, when I get off the train, I walk for a while. It's much warmer here then Christchurch. I walk about 2.5km up a gradual hill. These are not my shoes but they look very much like this:

Tahu picks me up after I have walked for a while unless I'm too tired and then he just picks me up from the train station. It's another 15 minutes to get home if he does this:

I should point out that these images are not pictures I've taken but I've tried to get pictures as close to what they look like as possible (That may or may not be Tahu's actual car though!!!) :)


Deb said...

Hey Jo this is awesome! He'll love it. Love Tahu's car... lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey
This is amazing, very creative, well done! xx