Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Ok life isn't that bad

I've been feeling bad about my moaning whinging post from yesterday. Guess sometimes your day just seems worse then it actually is. And I am well aware that others have far worse stuff going on in their lives then me so I shouldn't complain.

Yesterday I went shopping and got Annie Rose and Madi some gorgeous wee clothes. Man they make cute baby clothes these days! I did feel a little pinked out by the end of it! But how can you not buy girlie pink stuff for baby girls!

Have finished the background stitching on my bags cross stitch. Started doing all the detailing on it last night which is actually hard but doesn't take as long as I thought it would. This is by far the hardest one I've ever done. Just so much more too it then plain stitches and then straight outlines! Will put up some photos of it when I get around to downloading pics off my camera.

It's one week today til I go home to Christchurch. It's come around so so fast! Will be very hard leaving Tahu. But fun to be back with my friends and family and it will mean there's only 4 weeks til I head off again. And I get to see Rokocoko who mum tells me looks like a panda! Big and fluffy for the winter.

Is it winter? I forget...was 24 degrees here yesterday. Meant to be like that all week. I don't understand! We're not that far away yet we are so much colder then Brisbane!

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